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News Item 79. Mishlei 14-03 (Conceit)

A new item has been posted to Mishlei today, Monday, September 29. This proverb calls attention to the tendency of a fool to reveal his poor character in his speech. His tongue is an instrument that is driven by his conceit to speak highly of himself. He would be advised to follow the example of wise men who have learned that their lips are best able to protect their reputation by remaining closed.

News Item 78. Mishlei 14-02 (Fear of Hashem)

A new item has been posted to Mishlei today, Monday, September 22. This proverb contrasts  the behavior that reflects whether a person fears Hashem and honors Him with his behavior or instead shows his scorn for Hashem by exposing himself to distractions that pull him in different directions.

News Item 77. Mishlei 14-01 (Women's Wisdom)

A new item has been posted to Mishlei today, Tuesday, August 16. This proverb contrasts the process of building a home with that of destroying it. Building the home depends on a great deal of wisdom, consisting of many parts. Tragically, destruction of the home can occur when a skeptical woman unwittingly challenges the wisdom that is her heritage.

News Item 76. Mizmor 086 (Answer Me)

The completed version of Mizmor 086 (Answer Me) was posted today (Tuesday, Sept 16). In this model tefillah, David demonstrates how a person who is despondent and forlorn, suffering from fear and guilt, can find solace and a renewed feeling of nearness to Hashem. The mizmor consists of four parts, reflecting four stages in the process of regaining confidence in Hashem’s love.  

News Item 75. Mizmor 086. (Answer Me)

The interim version of Mizmor 086 (Answer Me) was updated today (Thursday, Sept 11) with the inclusion of the remaining verses for a total of 17 verses in the Learning the Mizmor section. Work is now proceeding on the remaining sections and subdividing the mizmor into its component parts. This effort should be completed shortly.

It is anticipated that the weekly newsletter will be distributed tomorrow to register subscribers.

News Item 74. Mishlei 13-24 (Appetite)

A new item has been posted to Mishlei today, Erev Shabbos, August 5. This proverb contrasts the attitude of the tzadik and the rasha to the food they eat. The tzadik sees the act of eating from the point of view of his soul, which is concerned with his spiritual life. The soul is satisfied when a lack of food does not interfere with his ability to serve Hashem. The rasha sees the act of eating from the point of view of his body. Since physical cravings are never satisfied, the stomach always feels it could do with more.

News Item 73. Mizmor 086 - Answer Me

An interim version of Mizmor 086 (Answer Me) was posted to NAFSHI today (Thursday, Sept 4). This covers the first 9 of the 17 verses in the mizmor.

News Item 72. Mishlei 13-23 (Parental Love)

A new proverb has been posted to Mishlei 13-23 on Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Ellul.This proverb analyzes the motivation of the parent who cannot bring himself to punish his son. Whereas the parent fools himself into thinking he is acting out of love, the proverb is telling us that he is building a relationship of enmity and hatred. In contrast, it is the parent that applies disciplinary measures tempered with wisdom, who truly loves his child.

News Item 70. Mizmor 085 (Revive Us)

The completed edition  for Mizmor 085 has been posted today (Thursday August 7). In this mizmor, the singer calls upon Hashem to help him visualize a future of peace for the nation based on the merging of truth and righteousness. The yeshuah will come when man acknowledges the truth of his existence and adopts the ways of righteousness, whereby he lives as his Creator wants him to. Then, just as lush crops grow through the efforts of the hard-working farmer, the spiritual labors of earthly man will elicit the flow of kindness from Heaven. When that happens, “righteousness and peace will have kissed.” 

News Item 68. Mizmor 085 (Revive Us)

An interim edition has been posted today (Thursday July 31) for Mizmor 085, which pleads for an end to our long Exile. The mizmor reacts to the duration of this Exile, which seems endless in comparison to the previous 70-year Exile in Bavel. The interim edition covers the first eight verses. The completed edition will include the remaining six verses, be"H.

As a point of interest, the NAFSHI project now contains a total 100 completed mizmorim, b"H.  I wish to thank my dear readers who have given me the chizuk and encouragement to move forward with this holy work. I will continue to be grateful for your comments and questions so that I can be reminded that it is serving a valid purpose within the worldwide community of the Jewish nation.

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