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News Item 273. Mishlei 17-04 (Listening)

new proverb was posted on Wednesday, September 21 in the Mishlei section.

News Item 272. Mizmor 119 (Finding the Way) - Daled Segment

The first four of eight pesukim of the Daled Segment of Mizmor 119 have now been posted, as of Friday, Sept 16.

News Item 271. Mishlei 17-03 (Privacy)

new proverb was posted on Friday, September 16 in the Mishlei section.

Despite the fact that we go to great lengths to preserve our privacy, Mishlei takes care to remind us that privacy is an illusion. Our Creator did not send us out into the world as independent beings, even though we may feel that way. 
The world that Hashem created exists today only because He is constantly renewing it. That means He is fully aware at all times of what is going on inside our deepest thoughts. The feeling we have have that no one is looking over our shoulder is one of the miracles of human existence and makes it possible for us to exercise free will. Only in this way do we have the freedom to choose what is right, while rejecting what is wrong. 

News Item 270. Mishlei 17-02 (Entitlement)

new proverb was posted on Monday, September 5 in the Mishlei section. This preverb is concerned with the sense of entitlement. A person’s station in life is strongly influenced by his beginnings. If he was born to a family of wealth, culture, and achievement he has a powerful head start. However, he is at risk of believing that he has an inherent right to the advantages with which he was born. This natural assumption of entitlement can lead him to assume he is better than other people and that he can coast through life. He may think he does not need to exert himself as much as those who do not have his advantages.

News Item 269. Mizmor 119 (Daled 3)

The first three of eight pesukim of the Daled Segment of Mizmor 119 have now been posted, as of Sunday, Sept 4.

News Item 268. Mizmor 119 (Daled) - Finding the Way

The first two of eight pesukim of the Daled Segment of Mizmor 119 have now been posted, as of Thursday, Sept 1.

News Item 267. Mishlei 17-01 (Success)

new proverb was posted on Tuesday, August 30 in the Mishlei section. This proverb compares the rewards of financial success with the benefits of tranquility, that is a peaceful life. Tranquility is so essential that a truly wise person will be ready to give up all the benefits of material wealth and even be ready to subsist on dry bread if that is what it takes to achieve a tranquil life.

News Item 265. Mizmor 119, Aleph and Beis

The Aleph and Beis segments of Mizmor 119 have been further revised for readability. The Exploring the Mizmor text has been merged with the Learning the Mizmor text, following the example of the revised Gimel segment.

News Item 264. Mizmor 119 (Gimel Segment)

The eight pesukim of the Gimel Series of Mizmor 119 have been integrated into a single article, which has been posted to the Tehillim section. This has replaced the previous eight articles. In the further interest of readability, the Exploring the Mizmor text has been merged into the Learning the Mizmor section.

It is anticipated that the same approach will be used for the Aleph and Beis segments. In the meantime all the older articles applicable to individ pesukim for Mizmor 119 will be removed.

News Item 263. Mizmor 119 (Aleph and Beis)

The Aleph and Beis segments of Mizmor 119 have been revised for readability. Each of these segments incorporates the eight individual articles corresponding to its component pesukim.