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News Item 282. Mishlei 17-09 (Love)

new proverb was posted on Wednesday, November 2 in the Mishlei section. To understand an abstract concept such as love we need to identify the specific patterns of behavior that it implies. Some behaviors are consistent with a feeling of love while others demonstrate the absence of love. Using a distinctive choice of words and phrases Mishlei has presented us with a means to examine our own lives and relationships with regard to some aspects of what we should think of as love.

News Item 281. Mizmor 119-033. Heh (Following the Way)

The first of the eight pesukim of the Heh Segment of Mizmor 119 has now been posted, as of Erev Shabbos, October 28.

News Item 280. Mishlei 17-08 (Influence)

new proverb was posted on Wednesday, October 26 in the Mishlei section. 

It is possible to influence someone else’s behavior by means of a gift, gratuity, or bribe. Depending on the circumstances, such an offering may serve a noble purpose or a harmful purpose. The offering may be in the form of money, an article of value, or even just words. The effect of an illegal offering may be to corrupt a judge or a witness. On the other hand an offering may serve to promote forgiveness or goodwill.
Mishlei wants to make us aware of the power in a gift, both for good or ill. The proverb in this segment is structured so as to make us aware of this.

News Item 279. Mishlei 17-07 (Self-Importance)

new proverb was posted on Thursday, October 20 in the Mishlei section. 

When an unaccomplished person acts with foolish self-importance, he is likely to give himself away by his pompous, bombastic manner of speaking. His choice of language brands him as a faker. If he pretends to be a generous giver to worthy causes people will see through his pretentiousness. Even if he makes a large pledge to charity he will not be believed. 
But what if he appears to be a true man of distinction, the same high-flown choice of words may be quite appropriate and people will give him the benefit of the doubt. For such a person to arouse suspicion he would have to go far beyond pompous language or an extravagant pledge. It is only when he speaks a language of obvious lies and deception that people will begin to realize with whom they are dealing. 

News Item 278. Mizmor 119-025 (Daled) - Finding the Way

The compled set of eight pesukim of the Daled Segment of Mizmor 119 have now been posted, as of Erev Yom Kippur, October 11.

News Item 277. Mishlei 17-06 (Continuity)

new proverb was posted on Friday, October 7 in the Mishlei section. 

It is a natural ambition for every Jew to serve as a secure link in the great chain of Jewish history. He can achieve this great happiness by passing on the Torah way of life to his children and grandchildren. And so the teaching of Torah wisdom to one’s children is not only a great mitzvah but a great life fulfillment.  
How does a person know that the wisdom he has taught his children is secure and lasting? If he is granted the privilege of seeing them carry the torch of Torah into the next generation by successfully raising their own Torah-true children. 

News Item 276. Mishlei 17-05 (Empathy)

new proverb was posted on Thursday, September 29 in the Mishlei section.

This proverb teaches that you reveal a lot about yourself by the way you react to the misfortune of another person. For example, you might identify with him, thinking that what has happened to him could just as easily have happened to you. After all, what has happened to him is clearly the will of Hashem. 
But what if your instinct is to distinguish yourself from the unfortunate individual? You might think that he has only himself to blame. You might think, “I would never let such a thing happen to me because I am smarter than he is and I am more energetic than he is.” 

News Item 275. Mizmor 119-025 (Daled 6) Commitment

The first six of eight pesukim of the Daled Segment of Mizmor 119 have now been posted, as of Monday, Sept 26.

News Item 274. Mizmor 119-025 (Daled)

The first five of eight pesukim of the Daled Segment of Mizmor 119 have now been posted, as of Thursday, Sept 22.

News Item 273. Mishlei 17-04 (Listening)

new proverb was posted on Wednesday, September 21 in the Mishlei section.