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News Item 242. Mishlei 16-24 (Pleasing Words)

new proverb was posted today (Wednesday, June 15) in the Mishlei section. To emphasize the unique sweetness of wisdom, Mishlei compares it not only to honey whose pleasure is momentary, but also to a honeycomb whose pleasure is lasting. Whereas the sweetness of honey can only affect the body, the sweetness of wisdom affects the soul.

News Item 241. Mizmor 119-016 (Beis 8) - Fascination

On Tuesday June 7, the 16th pasuk of Mizmor 119 (Fascination) was posted to the Tehillim section.

News Item 240. Mishlei 16-23 (Teaching Wisdom)

new proverb was posted today (Tuesday, June 7) in the Mishlei section. This proverb introduces the teaching process by identifying two major stages, (1) the mouth and (2) the lips.  The initial formulation of the words of wisdom is associated with the mouth even before speech begins. This is because the heart needs to prepare the wisdom for delivery by visualizing it in a form that can be spoken by the mouth as a whole. The actual delivery of these words is completed by the lips and this is why the lips are associated with the benefit that the teacher gets when he finally ennunciates the words of wisdom.

News Item 239. Mizmor 119-015 (Meditation)

On Thursday June 2, the 15th pasuk of Mizmor 119 (Meditation) was posted to the Tehillim sectionAs a person goes through life he often has quiet moments when he can perform a variety of mitzvos simply by meditating upon his life in this world and his relationship with his Creator. He can also think about the many kindnesses that Hashem does for each of us every minute of the day. Only by his awareness of the flow of life and goodness that Hashem showers upon us, can man begin to have appreciation for the gratitude he owes.

News Item 238. Mishlei 16-22 (The Intellect)

new proverb was posted today (Thursday, June 2) in the Mishlei section. The heart is that part of the human personality which is the seat of human emotion. It is the driving force that impels a person to take action. However, the emotions are not the best judge of what is right and wrong, either from the aspect of physical survival or morality. For this reason, the human heart is designed to be subject to the rational discipline of the intellect (seichel).

News Item 237. Mizmor 119-014 (Beis 6) - Joy in Mitzvos

On Wednesday May 25, the 14th pasuk of Mizmor 119 (Joy in Mitzvos) was posted to the Tehillim sectionDavid now sings of the joy he has found in experiencing a Torah life founded upon faithful observance of the mitzvos that characterize the Eidos (Testimonies). Through the medium of the Eidos the Jew is able to relive in the present the dramatic events of the past that brought our forefathers to an intense closeness with the Creator.

News Item 236. Mishlei 16-21 (Intellectual Development)

new proverb was posted today (Tuesday, May 24) in the Mishlei section. This proverb compares the development of wisdom from the point of view of both the student and the teacher. The developing student is a chacham lev, the person whose heart is guided by the wisdom he has been taught. He then builds upon what he has learned and becomes a discerning thinker.

News Item 235. Mizmor 119-013 (Beis 5) - Sharing Torah

On Friday May 20, the 13th pasuk of Mizmor 119 (Sharing Torah) was posted to the Tehillim section.  The process of learning Torah is not limited to listening to the words of the Torah and studying them. A higher degree of fulfillment in learning Torah requires a sense of sharing the insights of the Torah with other people. The Torah was given to the nation of Yisrael as a community and it needs to be absorbed and lived by the people as a community.

News Item 234. Mishlei 16-20 (Success)

new proverb was posted today (Friday, May 20) in the Mishlei section. Why do projects fail? Because people haven’t given the matter enough thought. They embark on an activity without considering what effect it will have on other people and whether the desired result will be pleasing to Hashem. Even if they are optimistic about the means and the result they allow themselves to be carried away by wishful thinking and by their illusions.

News Item 233 (Beis 4) - Learning Torah

On Monday May 9, the 12th pasuk of Mizmor 119 (Learning Torah) was posted to the Tehillim section