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News Item 261. Re-Issue of Mizmor 119-001 (Aleph Segment)

The eight pesukim of the Aleph Series of Mizmor 119 have been integrated into a single article, which has been posted to the Tehillim section. It is anticipated that the individual articles for the eight pesukim will be removed in the near future.

News Item 260. Correction to Mishlei 16-33, and 16-27 thru 16-32

The entry for Mishlei 16-33 has been updated to correct a typo brought to my attention by an eagle-eyed reader. The entries for Mishlei !6-27 thru 16-33 have also been updated. The typos involved affect only the PDF version for printing.

News Item 259. Mishlei 16-33 (Luck)

new proverb was posted on Wednesday, August 17 in the Mishlei section.

What people fail to realize is that there is no such thing as blind chance. Ultimately everything that happens to a person is the will of Hashem and is likely to be a test of his character. The way he handles his “good” or “bad” luck will give him an opportunity to develop his character or the opposite.

News Item 258. Mizmor 119-025 (Daled 1) - Materialism

The first pasuk of the Daled Series of Mizmor 119 has been posted to the Tehillim section.

News Item 257. Mizmor 119-024 (Gimel 8)

The last pasuk of the Gimel Series of Mizmor 119 has been posted to the Tehillim section.

News Item 256. Mishlei 16-32 (Willpower)

new proverb was posted on Wednesday, August 10 in the Mishlei section. This proverb talks about the willpower that enables a person to show forbearance despite a justified feeling of anger. Mishlei compares such willpower to that which a fighter exerts when he forces his enemy to yield to him in a physical struggle. The point that Mishlei is making here is that it takes more willpower to control forces within a person than to make another person to yield to him in battle.

News Item 255. Mizmor 119-023 (Gimel 7) - Detachment

On Friday August 8, the 23rd pasuk of Mizmor 119 (detachment) was posted to the Tehillim section

News Item 254. Mishlei 16-31 (Fufillment)

new proverb was posted on Thursday, August 4 in the Mishlei section.

News Item 253. Mizmor 119-022 (Gimel 6) - Honor

On Tuesday July 26, the 22st pasuk of Mizmor 119 (Honor) was posted to the Tehillim section

News Item 252. Mishlei 16-30 (Progression)

new proverb was posted on Friday, July 22 in the Mishlei section. [The text was subsequently updated on Thursday July 28.]

A serious offense does not happen instananeously. The offender goes through a sequenced progression of thoughts, speech, and action to result in the harm done to another person. During the course of this progression, the offender is likely to give himself away with subtle body language, including movements of the eyes and lips.