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A01 – Nafshi Activity Report

21 Iyar [May 3] — This past week the entire Nafshi web site, consisting of Mishlei and Tehillim commentaries, was switched over to a new, more powerful, technical platform called WordPress. As a result, there will be some differences in the look and feel, but the basic functionality remains the same. The purpose of the changeover has been better stability and control from a technical point of view.

There will be some clear benefits of the new platform, one of which is increased access to PDF copies of articles. No PDF versions were available in Mishlei Chapters 18 and 19. These are now being prepared using the new technology.

In conjunction with the migration to WordPress the editorial efforts have been reinvigorated. For example, four new articles have been prepared in Mishlei Chapter 20, as indicated below. Also the editorial content of the articles in Chapter 19 is in the process of being revised and updated. With the help of Hashem we hope to continue this process in the coming weeks and months.