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Mizmor 119-024 (Gimel 8) Vocation
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Key Concepts of Mizmor 119-24 (Gimel 8) – Vocation
It is common for people to define themselves in terms of their profession or business. They see this as their primary focus because it is their vocation or calling. In moments of relaxation their mind turns to the work challenges they are currently facing.
In contrast, David understood his true vocation to be his role in life as a servant of Hashem. That means he saw his life from the perspective of his interaction with his Creator through the Torah and mitzvos. He viewed everything that interfered with his mission as a temporary distraction.
David now completes the Gimel series of the mizmor with a poetic statement of his true vocation. He refers to the Testimonies as symbolic of the mitzvos whose meaning is evident. He thinks of the Testimonies as personal counselors sent by Hashem to guide him through life.
Exploring the Mizmor
(כד) גַּם עֵדֹתֶיךָ שַׁעֲשֻׁעָי אַנְשֵׁי עֲצָתִי:
Indeed, Your Testimonies are my vocation, they are my counselors.
David describes the Testimonies as his primary preoccupation and his most fulfilling activity ( שַׁעֲשֻׁעָי ). In his mind each of the mitzvos has a personal character which he consults for guidance throughout his life.
Learning the Mizmor
(כד) גַּם עֵדֹתֶיךָ שַׁעֲשֻׁעָי 
אַנְשֵׁי עֲצָתִי:
Indeed, Your testimonies are my preoccupation and my delight — גַּם עֵדֹתֶיךָ שַׁעֲשֻׁעָי . They are my counselors — אַנְשֵׁי עֲצָתִי to guide me throught my life.
Additional Insights
A series of interpretations illuminating this pasuk are presented here. The numbers identifying the interpretations refer to the listing of sources below.
(1) The Testimonies demonstrate the power and faithfulness of Hashem. They advise David that also ( גַּם ) in every situation he may encounter Hashem will remove any obstacle that may lie in his way.
(2) The message of this pasuk is that when anyone needs advice he should be sure to go to someone who is immersed in Torah because any guidance he gives will be consistent with the Torah outlook.
The primary sources used for the additional insights illuminating this pasuk are listed below.
(1) – בן רמוך, ספורנו
(2) -, טיב התהלות