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News Item 116. Mishlei 14-25 (Reputation)

new segment has been posted to the Mishlei section today (Sunday, February 8). This segment consists of one proverb in verse 14:25. 

A person with a sensitivity for truth cannot permit himself to utter a falsehood even in minor matters. Such a person develops a reputation of integrity and people rely on what he says. He is symbolized by the truthful witness who saves the life of an innocent person accused of a major crime and saves the life and property of someone who is being victimized. 
A person who has not trained himself to avoid falsehood will be quick to express his opinion based on a partial and superficial impression, which is often wrong, even though he does not intend to lie. The falsehoods that result from his careless talk create an atmosphere of deception and cause incalculable harm.