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News Item 118. Mishlei 14-26 (Devotion)

 new segment has been posted to the Mishlei section today (Monday, February 16). This segment consists of two proverb in verses 14:26 and 14-27.  

The Jewish nation survives today because of the promise that Hashem made to our forefather Avraham. Hashem made that promise in response to the selfless devotion that Avraham showed to Him, as it says, “Now I know that you are a G-d-fearing man” (Bereishis 22:12).
Avraham bequeathed his devotion to his descendants and so in each generation, Jews have continued to follow his example by living a life of devotion to Hashem. That ultimate devotion is described as yiras Hashem (fear of Hashem), a term that encapsulates two major concepts: reverence for the awesome majesty of the Creator and apprehension of incurring His displeasure.