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News Item 120. Mishlei 14-28 (Participation)

A new segment has been posted to the Mishlei section today (Monday February 23). 

This proverb uses the analogy of a flesh and blood king to express the great value that we find in coming together in the service of Hashem. Thus, the more people participating in any assembly, the greater is the glory that we provide to our G-d and the greater is the effect on each of us. This means that each person should feel an obligation to participate with others in any holy endeavor. 
The second part of the proverb observes that if people fail to appreciate the qualities of their leader, he may find it difficult to draw many people to him. This diminishes his ability to fulfill his mission. Similarly, when there are less people attending a gathering in honor of Hashem, the effect is to weaken their sense of participating in a glorious moment.