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News Item 126. A Day for Thinking

The interim version of Mizmor 092 has been now been finalized. The mizmor has been renamed to focus more specifically on its subject matter. A PDF version of the text is available for printing as of today (Thursday, March 19).

The mizmor calls our attention to the special opportunity that Shabbos offers — to think deeply into the world that Hashem has given us. Since on Shabbos we are not harried by the ordinary demands of our working lives, this day of rest encourages us to think beyond the surface appearances and fallacies that undermine our emunah and bitachon in Hashem’s justice. 
The mizmor offers as a focus of this contemplation the typical injustice and unfairness that we contend with every day. If Hashem represents truth and justice, why does He tolerate the apparent success of unworthy people? Why must good people be subjected to pain and suffering? The answer requires digging into our own mental resources, but is available to those who seek it.