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News Item 142. Mizmor 095 (The Return of Joy)

An interim edition of Mizmor 095 has been posted to the Tehillim section. Like the previous mizmorim, this mizmor is addressed to a generation in Galus, such as our own. However, the mizmor diverts us from the sad thoughts of suffering in exile by portraying our present experience as a second journey through the Midbar, to which we ourselves can put an end at any time through our own efforts at observing the Torah and mitzvos.

With its special message celebrating the transition from anxiety to joy, this mizmor was chosen to open our weekly Kabalas Shabbos. It facilitates putting aside thoughts of the week’s travails as we welcome the serenity of Shabbos. As noted in the commentary to Mizmor 094, the first three pesukim of mizmor 095 were added to the end of the Song of the Day for the fourth day of the week, suggesting a gleam of optimism that Shabbos is on its way.