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News Item 163. Mizmor 098 (Celebrating the Wonders)

The interim edition of a new mizmor has been posted to the Tehillim section.  The mizmor celebrates the wonders that will have been performed in the course of the great yeshuah of the Jewish people and the world at the time of the forthcoming Geulah (Redemption). The celebration is carried forward through the sounds of musical instruments and human voices. These are coordinated with the symbolic procession accompanying the arrival of Hashem, the King, in the Bais Hamikdash. The celebration then becomes universal, incorporating and shared by all of nature as Hashem demonstrates His just and merciful rule.

This interim edition covers all nine pesukim, but does not include the Exploring the Mizmor section and the listing of sources. Over the coming week it is anticipated that additional insights from the meforshim will be added to the basic edition.