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News Item 181 (Mishlei 15-29)

A new proverb was posted today (Tuesday, October 27). Whereas most other proverbs deal with middos and character development, this proverb addresses the relationship between man and the Creator. Thus, there is a direct link between Mishlei 15-29 and Tehillim, as in Mizmor 145. 

Hashem very much wants to be close to us for we are His handiwork. It is in our interest to be close to Him, for then he hears our tefillos and responds to them. But whether we are in fact close to Hashem depends very much on our attitude towards Him. His behavior responds to human activity. If a person estranges himself from Hashem, then He is in fact distant from him. However, if one moves closer to Him, then He is there, heeding every prayer. This is what David Hamelech meant when he said, קָרוֹב ה’ לְכָל קֹרְאָיו, “Hashem is close to all who call upon Him” (Tehillim 145:18).