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News Item 183. Mishlei 15-30 (Delight)
A new proverb was posted today (Wednesday, Nov 4) on the subject of Delight.
What does it mean to feel delight? It’s what happens when you are faced with an urgent problem that seems to have no solution. If you suddenly see a way out and a clear solution presents itself you will feel delight. This feeling will be evident in your face because your eyes will be lit up with the joy that you are feeling. Mishlei refers to that experience as מְאוֹר עֵינַיִם , the light of the eyes (delight).
Mishlei is concerned with acquiring and using wisdom. Happily, this area of human endeavor offers many opportunities for the experience of delight. The study of wisdom is constantly presenting challenges. For a person who really cares about the wisdom of the Torah, these challenges present a grave concern. However, the committed student will be rewarded with periodic moments of delight and his face will be lit up each time an obstacle to understanding is resolved.