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News Item 187. Mizmor 103 (My Soul)
A new mizmor has been posted to the Tehillim section. The posting covers the first five out of 22 pesukim and represents Part 1 of the Mizmor.
The mizmor is a song of gratitude for human existence and survival. David presents the song in the form of a call to “my soul” ( נַפְשִׁי ). He directs his soul to bless Hashem, thanking Hashem for the gift of his life as a human being able to serve his Creator and dream of immortality.
David focuses upon his soul because it is fashioned in the image of Hashem. David’s soul is the part of him most qualified to communicate with the Creator and thank Him.
David recognizes his soul as the essence of his being. It defines who he is and provides him with the intelligence to appreciate the special kindness by which Hashem gave an imperfect creature such as man the ability to choose his own destiny within the framework of Creation.