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News Item 190. Mizmor 103 (My Soul)

The interim edition of Mizmor 103 has now been expanded to cover all 22 pesukim.

This has been arranged in three parts. The first part addresses the gratitude to Hashem being experienced by David’s soul, that is, his inner being. The second part extends that feeling of gratitude to cover the entire nation of Yisrael, which is grateful for being allowed to recover from its sins. The third part speaks in terms of the entire universe, both heaven and earth. All aspects of the upper and lower regions are grateful for their existence and their opportunity to serve Hashem. The last verse of the mizmor leads back to David’s soul, which is the prism through which he sees all the different perceptions of gratitude.

In the next posting of the mizmor, the objective will be to cover it in terms of the Exploring the Mizmor section. After that we expect to go back through the 22 pesukim to incorporate additional observations by various meforshim.