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News Item 225. Mizmor 119-007 (The Mishpatim)

On Tuesday April 4, the seventh pasuk of Mizmor 119 (The Mishpatim) was posted to the Tehillim section 

The mitzvos of the Torah are essentially a collection of laws governing the way Hashem wants us to live our lives. If we trust in their validity and authenticity we will be inclined to observe them conscientiously. However, Hashem has challenged our faithfulness by not revealing the rationale to all the mitzvos. Those aspects of the mitzvos whose rationale corresponds to our inborn sense of fairmindedness are referred as Mishpatim or Ordinances. Those aspects for which no rationale is given are referred as the Chukim or Decrees.
It is our duty to fully and conscientiously observe every mitzvah because it is the will of Hashem, whether or not we have insight into its rationale. David touches on this challenge by acknowledging with gratitude the insight the many Mishpatim have given him into Divine thinking. This insight strengthens his devotion and it is that devotion which he hopes to draw upon when he is challenged by those mitzvos for which the rationale is concealed.