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News Item 245. Mishlei 16-25, 26 (Delusion)

new proverb was posted today (Tuesday, June 21) in the Mishlei section. 

This segment consists of two proverbs which are linked together to form a complete thought. The first proverb has already been presented independently in Segment 14-12 (Discernment). The perspective there was simply recognize the consequences of an intellectual decision. 
In an unusual step, Mishlei repeats that proverb here to serve as a preamble to the second proverb, which relates a person’s decision to the conflict between his body and soul. 
In the second proverb Mishlei warns against improper burdening of the soul by forcing it to accept the appetites of the body. All of this can come about because a person is tempted to delude himself into keeping the body comfortable and satisfying it with earthly pleasures.