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News Item 279. Mishlei 17-07 (Self-Importance)

new proverb was posted on Thursday, October 20 in the Mishlei section. 

When an unaccomplished person acts with foolish self-importance, he is likely to give himself away by his pompous, bombastic manner of speaking. His choice of language brands him as a faker. If he pretends to be a generous giver to worthy causes people will see through his pretentiousness. Even if he makes a large pledge to charity he will not be believed. 
But what if he appears to be a true man of distinction, the same high-flown choice of words may be quite appropriate and people will give him the benefit of the doubt. For such a person to arouse suspicion he would have to go far beyond pompous language or an extravagant pledge. It is only when he speaks a language of obvious lies and deception that people will begin to realize with whom they are dealing.