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News Item 284. Mizmor 119-033 (Heh) 2 pesukim

The first two of the eight pesukim of the Heh Segment of Mizmor 119 have now been posted, as of Erev Shabbos, November 11. 

Many people who are Torah observant, perform the mitzvos out of a sense of duty. But for David this was not enough. He felt the need to incorporate the Torah into his entire being and practice each of its mitzvos as the most important thing in his life. To achieve this exalted level of service to Hashem, he realized that he must have a deep intellectual understanding of what each mitzvah means. This understanding would enable him to emotionally appreciate the value of the mitzvah as a cherished experience. Only then could he achieve his goal, which was to live the mitzvah with his whole heart.