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News Item 286. Mizmor 119-033 (Heh)

The first three of the eight pesukim of the Heh Segment of Mizmor 119 have now been posted, as of Erev Shabbos, November 18. 

Up to this point David has speaking of doing the mitzvos from the point of view of a member of Klal Yisrael. The obligation and privilege of performing every aspect of every mitzvah in accordance with the universal Torah is inherent in being a Jew. 
But the way each individual performs a mitzvah is inevitably affected by his unique personality and experiences of life. The challenge for each person is to go beyond the general requirements of the mitzvos and add the texture of his own special aptitudes and strengths. In each moment of the performance of a mitzvah, a person must add something of himself, recreating the mitzvah in his own image within the framework of its halachic requirements.