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News Item 289. Mizmor 119-033 (Following the Way)

The first four of the eight pesukim of the Heh Segment of Mizmor 119 have now been posted, as of Erev Shabbos, December 2. 

Each person has a natural inclination to acquire possessions because doing so gives him a sense of increased personal power and potential. Many people respond to that inclination by amassing financial wealth or physical possessions. However, the benefits to be gained by such possessions are fleeting. Despite the illusions of happiness they present, such possessions often end up as being unfulfilling and even destructive. 
In the fouth pasuk of the segment David asks Hashem to help him in directing his acquisitive inclination to a greed for Torah knowledge. The detailed knowledge that he gains from learning Torah empowers him to perform the many mitzvos that are waiting for him. In this way he gains the sense of accomplishment that comes from fufilling his mission in the world and he gains to ability to show his gratitude to his Creator.