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News Item 298. Mizmor 119-033 (Heh Segment) – Completed

The last of the eight pesukim of the Heh Segment of Mizmor 119 has now been posted, as of Erev Shabbos Vayigash.  

The eigth pasuk is 119:40, entitled Yearning.

See how I have yearned for Your Pikudim; grant me life through Your righteous justice.
David closes the Heh series of pesukim with a plea for life so that he can immerse himself in doing the mitzvos. Hashem grants life to those who will appreciate its value and will use it wisely. And so David bases his plea on the strength of his yearning for the experience of a life of mitzvos. He describes the granting of life as and expression of the righteous justice of Hashem. It is only just that one who values the good will be rewarded with the means to continue doing what is good.