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News Item 305. Mizmor 119-041 (Vav) – Second Pasuk

The second pasuk (42) of the Vav segment of Mizmor 119 was posted on Friday, February 17. 

After having fervently asked for Hashem’s yeshuah, David now strengthens his plea by declaring how much it will mean to him to experience a direct demonstration of Hashem’s favor. David’s faith in himself as a servant of Hashem depends upon being convinced that he is doing what he knows to be right. That conviction is being insidiously challenged by David’s misfortunes and by the vilification of his enemies. But now with Hashem’s demonstration of favor David is confident that he will be able to resist any weakening of his faith in himself and his trust in the truth of Hashem’s promise.
This pasuk confirms the linkage between a person’s faith in himself as a man of emunah and his ability to trust in Hashem.