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News Item 310. Mizmor 119 (Vav) – Linkages
The sixth pasuk (119-46) of the Vav segment of Mizmor 119 has been posted in the Tehillim section on Thursday, March 23.
The Eidos which David introduced in the second pasuk of the Aleph Segment, are mitzvos that focus on the historical aspects of Hashem’s relationship with his people. These mitzvos are called the Testimonies because they provide a living reminder of Hashem’s commitment to His people and their commitment to Him.
In contrast to other nations, the entire existence of Yisrael is defined by its relationship with Hashem, the One Creator of all existence. David realized how essential it was that in dealing with other nations he had to confidently speak of the eternal bond that makes the existenence of Yisrael possible. He knew that if he lacked total faith in the validity of that bond, if he spoke of that bond apologetically or with embarrassment he would be failing his duty to his people and their G-d.