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News Item 315. Mizmor 119-049 (Zayin) – Time


The first pasuk of the Zayin series of Mizmor 119 was posted to the Tehillim section on Sunday, April 30.

In the Zayin series of pesukim David builds on the linkages which he explored in the Vav series. There he showed how linkages demonstrate the unity inherent in the Torah and Creation. Now he speaks of the linkages inherent in the dimension of time. Time itself is a creation, symbolized by the word זְמַן Therefore, from the perspective of the Creator the past, present, and future are elements within His unity.
From the perspective of mankind, the linkages in the passage of time appear as the fulfillment of a promise. The promise was made by Hashem in the past, but when it was made its fulfillment was seen by man as something meant to occur in the distant future. And when it actually does occur, it is experienced by man as the present.
David shows us how man makes contact with the Eternal through the power of Tefilah. By calling upon Hashem to fulfill His past promises, man acknowledges the unity and the truth of the world that He has created. He also demonstrates that the act of fulfillment by Hashem is in itself an acknowledgement of Hashem’s kindness and goodness. For it was His goodness that explains the granting of the promise in the first place.