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News Item 322. Mishlei 18-06 (Belligerence)

A new segment was posted to the Mishlei section on Monday, June 6. This segment actually covers two proverbs, 18:06 and 18:07.

There are people who enter any verbal exchange in an argumentative or confrontational tone. They think their aggressive attitude protects them from being taken advantage of. Such people are especially afraid of being considered soft or weak. They use their mastery of language to put other people at a disadvantage and they think they will thereby succeed in any test of wills.

Inevitably the aggressive individuals invite defensive or reactive attitudes on the part of the people they talk to. As a result, quarrels ensue which result in painful confrontations with everone involved losing out.
The individuals that instigate quarrels are referred to as fools because instead of gaining advantage from their aggressiveness, they end up suffering physical or emotional injury.