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News Item 324. Mishlei 18-08 (Resentment)
A new proverb on the attitude of Resentment was posted to the Mishlei Section on Tuesday, June 13.
People who suffer from an attitude of resentment are continually overwhelmed by disappointment. They view themselves as victims who have been treated unfairly. Instead of appreciating the good things of life they focus on what they are missing. Instead of feeling gratitude for the benefits they have been granted they are embittered at being denied what they don’t have.
The resentment that such people feel leads them to blame others, especially those who are close to them. They are inclined to take revenge upon the perceived source of their misery and they do this by hurtful remarks and malicious gossip (lashon hara). They may also act as instigators to encourage others to join them in their attitude of resentment.