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News Item 327. Mizmor 119-041 (Zayin) – Time

A new pasuk has been added to the Zayin segment of Mizmor 119 as of Wednesday June 21. 

(119:53) Shuddering seized me because of the wicked who forsake Your Torah.

In reviewing his life and the life of the Jewish people David found himself torn between hope and fear. In the previous pasuk he expressed his relief and comfort found in the optimistic lessons of past history. But then he was shaken by the realization that he must avoid complacency. He looked around him and saw the many wicked people who started out in the purity of commitment to Torah but who had fallen along the way. They had succumbed to the challenges and temptations of life. In doing so, their example offered a warning that David himself needed to be always vigilant. As long as a person lives, he must be alert for the dangers and tragedies that can appear at any time.