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News Item 64. Mizmor 084 (My Soul Yearns)

An interim edition has been posted today (Wednesday July 16) for Mizmor 084, which is the home of Ashrei, the verse we recite every day at the start of the Minchah service and another two times during the Shacharis service. The interim version covers the first five of the 13 verses that make up the mizmor.

This mizmor is one of many in Tehillim that were designed to express the yearnings and tefillos of the Jewish nation in a time of Galus (Exile). The singer refers to the heart, body, and soul of the nation, which represents the deepest yearnings of the people, longing to gain access once more to the Bais HaMikdash (holy temple in Yereushalyim).

Mizmor 084 has a special significance for the NAFSHI Project, as it is the 100th mizmor to be included in our project.  This leaves another 50 mizmorim to be completed in the Book of  Tehillim with the help of Hashem.