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News Item 68. Mizmor 085 (Revive Us)

An interim edition has been posted today (Thursday July 31) for Mizmor 085, which pleads for an end to our long Exile. The mizmor reacts to the duration of this Exile, which seems endless in comparison to the previous 70-year Exile in Bavel. The interim edition covers the first eight verses. The completed edition will include the remaining six verses, be”H.

As a point of interest, the NAFSHI project now contains a total 100 completed mizmorim, b”H.  I wish to thank my dear readers who have given me the chizuk and encouragement to move forward with this holy work. I will continue to be grateful for your comments and questions so that I can be reminded that it is serving a valid purpose within the worldwide community of the Jewish nation.

Have a Good Shabbos

Yitzchok Kirzner