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Mishlei 22-20. (Wisdom – Recorded)

Mishlei 22-20

Wisdom – Recorded

Key Concepts

In the fourth lesson for acquiring wisdom, Mishlei refers to the written text of the Torah, which serves as the formal basis for establishing halachic requirements.

Exploring Mishlei

כ = הֲלֹא כָתַבְתִּי לְךָ שָׁלִישִׁים בְּמוֹעֵצֹת וָדָעַת

(20) Have I not written it for you three times, with counsel and knowledge?

The text of this proverb may also be understood as a reference to the Book of Proverbs itself, which is organized in three major parts (Chapters 1 through 9, Chapters 10 through 24, and Chapters 25 through 31).

Learning Mishlei

(20) Have I not written it for you הֲלֹא כָתַבְתִּי לְךָ
three times, שָׁלִישִׁים
with counsel and knowledge?בְּמוֹעֵצֹת וָדָעַת