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News Item 148. Mizmor 100 (Gratitude)

An interim edition of Mizmor 100 (Gratitude) has been posted to the Tehillim section. This edition provides a brief overview and commentary on all five pesukim of the mizmor. 

The mizmor was designed to be recited when bringing the Korban Todah thanksgiving offering in the Bais Hamikdash. Typically, an individual brings this korban when he goes through a time of danger and is saved, such as recovering from an illness or being captured. However, the korban may be offered at any time that an individual feels the need to express his gratitude to Hashem.
The mizmor itself is not limited to the people of Yisrael. It is structured as an invitation to the entire world to join our nation in giving thanks to Hashem and praising Him for His miraculous kindnesses.

In the next few days, I hope to flesh out the commentary and add a listing of sources. My efforts will then turn to Mizmorim 096 – 099.