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News Item 149. Mishlei 15-08 (Hypocrisy)

A new segment  has been posted to the Mishlei section as of today (Monday June 15). This segment contains two proverbs, both exploring the subject of hypocrisy.

In the two proverbs that form this segment, Mishlei reminds the wicked that their hypocrisy is not working. The only solution is to think and do what is right. In the first proverb the focus is on those who bring sacrificial offerings in the Bais Hamikdash, although it could equally apply to any grand gesture or public act that earns him respect and goodwill.

The second proverb looks beyond the bringing of sacrifices to the broad picture of a person’s entire pattern of behavior, especially his middos. If a person insists on pleasing only himself in his choice of thoughts and actions, he should not be surprised to find that his whole way of life is an abomination to Hashem.