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News Item 200. Mizmor 104 (See the Light)
An interim edition has been posted for Mizmor 104, covering the first 15 of 35 pesukim.
This mizmor is a song of deep appreciation for the wonderful world Hashem created. The song gives us a poetic tour of the things we take granted in everyday life. It encourages to stop and marvel at how each aspect of our world is in itself a miracle for which we need to be grateful.
David begins his song with the wonderful phenomenon of light, which came into being by the word of Hashem on the first day of Creation.
This mizmor is featured in our tefilos each month on the day of Rosh Chodesh. Thus, the mizmor recalls the moon, the heavenly body that gives off no heat but sends us a monthly gift of brilliantly clear white light.