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News Item 201. Mishlei 16-07 (Harmony)

A new proverb  dealing with peace and harmony has been posted the Mishlei section as of Tuesday, January 12.  

Life is full of occasions when another person says or does something that triggers in you a feeling of resentment. Their motivation may be simple thoughtlessness or ignorance, or it may be an expression of anger for whatever reason. 
In any case, your feeling of resentment will tend to motivate in you a negative reaction. It is a mitzvah to suppress that reaction, no matter how right it seems at the time. This kind of behavior can be very difficult, but you will find it easier if you consider what Hashem would want you to do. 
Mishlei wants to assure you of something that you know already. If you want to please Hashem you will suppress your negative reaction and repay harm with favor. Ultimately, your behavior will be rewarded in the form of an improved harmony in your life. The person who seemed at that moment as your enemy will wish you only good.