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News Item 330. Mishlei 18-12 (Humility)

A new proverb was added to the Mishlei section on Tuesday July 4.

In a previous proverb (12-16), Mishlei warned people against arrogant pride and the hunger for honor that drives it. A person who seeks to be gratified by honors should expect the opposite, for pride is generally unjustified and is therefore a precurser to tragedy.

Mishlei now carries this theme forward and draws attention to the virtue of humility which is the converse of pride. A prideful person seeks honor but a humble person shuns honor. If he is honored, the honor comes to the humble person in recognition of his humility. He does not allow the honor to distort his character.
Whereas the prideful person is corrupted by honor, the humble person is ennobled by it.