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News Item 331. Mishlei 18-13 (Haste)

A new proverb was added to the Mishlei section on Thursday July 13.

This proverb offers an important example of the price to paid for unwarranted haste.

What happens when an expert is asked to clarify the halachah in a situation?

Ordinarily, before giving his answer, it is essential for the expert to understand the circumstances in which the question arose. If the expert lacks patience and rushes with his answer before listening to the full details of the question, he may misinterpret what is being asked and his answer will be inappropriate, or even incorrect.
People who jump the gun and fail to show the courtesy of listening to the full question are demonstrating their conceit. They believe their time is so valuable and they are so smart that they don’t need to hear out the full question with all of its fine points. However, they are often mistaken, embarrassingly so.